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Created on 2011-07-29 19:45:47 (#956888), last updated 2011-09-22 (313 weeks ago)

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Name:Red Kite
Another refugee from the doom that came to LJ. And from my kitchen.

Male, gay, twenty-something. My life's been more-or-less on hold for several years owing to brain-weasel infestation, but I'm working on that.

I talk too much. Online, I type too much. I don't have a degree in chemistry. Sometimes I write, sometimes I sing, sometimes I crochet, sometimes I geocache, sometimes I roleplay. Just don't ask me whether I'm actually any good at those! I love music. I wish I could dance. I used to love cooking, but right now I can't. I love growing things, but I can't do that either: I once managed to kill a resurrection fern. I should probably not be allowed pets. I love Outdoors but I'm not really adapted to live there.

My partner is wonderful, but you wouldn't think that to hear me complain about him. Neither of us are naturally gifted at housework.

Red Kites are the most beautiful thing you'll ever see in English skies. I wish I could fly.
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